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Cart Path Ground Protection Mesh


Our Cart Path Ground Protection Mesh is a HDPE mesh that helps to protect grassy areas from daily vehicular or pedestrian traffic. The reinforced osculated mesh provides a surface that helps to distribute vehicle weight over a wide area to prevent rutting, sinking, and grass root damage. This product is UV resistant, is flexible and conforms to the lawn area, making it easy to install. Applications include commercial parking areas, RV parking, maintenance access roads, dog runs, pedestrian pathways, and more. The cart path ground protection mesh is made in the USA.

Size: 6.7' x 25' (167.5 SF)
Roll Weight: 60 lbs

MudStop HG™
At a Glance

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Built-In UV Stabilization
  • Promotes Healthy Grass Growth
  • Reduces Mud
  • Quick Installation
  • Made with Recyclable Materials

MudStop™ HG
Heavy-Grade Grass Protection Mesh

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  • Roll Size: 6.7' x 25'
  • Square Feet Per Roll: 167.5
  • Roll Weight: 60 lbs



Our grass protection mesh is designed for demanding applications. The osculated mesh pattern provides a high degree of strength which is required to support the weight of a vehicle. Our mesh is ASTM lab tested to ensure strength and durability.

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Ground Staples

Each Roll of MudStop™ HG requires 100 ground staples for proper installation. (sold separately)

Ground Staples - 100 Staple Carton
Ground Staples - 100 Staple Carton

MudStop™ HG Calculator

How many rolls of MudStop™ HG do you need for your project? Just enter your square footage below:

Easy to Work With 25-foot Roll Size

Most heavy-duty grass protection mesh on the market is shipped in large 50’-70’ rolls which are very large, heavy and difficult to handle. When developing MudStop™ HG we kept this in mind and decided to produce 25’ rolls which are much easier to handle and work with. A roll of MudStop™ HG weighs 60 lbs and can be picked up and moved by one person instead of two. Additionally, due to the reduced roll length, smaller projects can be accomplished without having to purchase a bunch of extra material.


MudStop™ HG vs Economy-Grade Mesh

Low priced economy-grade mesh can provide basic reinforcement for very occasional vehicular parking. Where issues arise are in material durability and reduced traction. Due to its low strength, economy-grade mesh quickly deforms when driven on and will begin to rut out the grass underneath. Additionally, the low priced mesh is typically a flat mesh without ridges. This can create a slippery surface for pedestrians and vehicles when wet. MudStop™ HG incorporates an osculated mesh pattern to provide greatly enhanced material strength while its multi-layer design enables enhanced traction for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Where Can MudStop™ HG be Installed?

MudStop™ HG grass protection mesh can be installed in a wide variety of different landscape applications - pretty much anywhere you want protection against rutting from tires or foot traffic!

Residential Parking Areas


Commercial Parking Areas


Vehicle Access Roads


Golf Cart & ATV Pathways


RV, Trailer or Boat Storage Lanes


Overflow Event Parking


Pedestrian Walkway Areas


Great for Dog Runs Too!

In addition to protecting grass from vehicular damage, MudStop™ HG can also be used to protect grass from becoming damaged in dog run areas. The osculated mesh pattern is engineered with small openings which keeps paws from getting stuck. Does your dog love to dig in your lawn? Our mesh will prevent that from happening as well. MudStop™ HG is the perfect solution to keep your lawn mud free and your dog with a safe place to run and play.

3-Step Easy-Installation

The installation of MudStop™ HG in a lawn area can easily be accomplished by the homeowner. Follow the simple 3-step process below to reinforce your lawn with MudStop™ HG for optimal protection of your lawn area:

Step 1:
Cut the Grass Short:


First cut the grass area short so that the mesh can be applied as close to the root zone as possible. 

Step 2:
Roll out the Mesh:


Roll out the mesh on the grass’s surface. 

Step 3:
Attach Using Ground Staples:


Using 8" ground staples, affix the mesh to the ground’s surface placing 1 staple every 18 inches in all directions. (each 25' roll of MudStop™ HG requires approximately 100 staples) As a general rule of thumb, the more staples you use the more secure the mesh will be. Edges and seams may require additional staples depending on the installation site characteristics. While stapling, be sure to smooth out any bumps or bubbles in the mesh caused by an uneven grass surface.

You're Done,
Park Your Vehicle!


You can now drive, park and walk on your reinforced lawn. Be sure to water the grass well to encourage appropriate grass growth through the mesh. This will help disguise the material and provide a more natural looking surface.

Parking an RV or Boat?

If you are parking an rv, boat or other heavy vehicle long-term on the mesh it is a good idea to double up the mesh where the wheels will directly rest. Over time a very heavy load concentrated on a single area can deform the mesh especially during heavy rainfall if the ground below becomes saturated. Adding a second layer of mesh will provide additional support and help to prevent indentation into your lawn from the vehicle tires.The best way to accomplish this is to install a 1-1/2’ square under the main mesh layer where each tire will rest.

How Long Will Shipping Take?

MudStop™ HG is stocked and ships from our Kansas City distribution center. Orders typically ship within one business day. Shipping is free and most customers experience delivery within one week of order placement.

Transit Time

MudStop™ HG orders typically ship within one business day of order placement. Smaller orders of a couple rolls typically ship via UPS / Fedex while larger orders ship by LTL freight. If your order ship via LTL freight the delivery company will contact you prior to delivery to arrange a delivery window that works with your schedule.


Transit times on the map above are shown in business days and exclude weekends and holidays.

How To Maintain And Care For A Golf Course

If you are involved in ownership or investing in a golf course, you know it's an expensive venture. Maintaining the property is critical to ensure golfers will have an exceptional experience. Owners realize all too well, it's important to keep the grounds healthy and pristine all the time. To keep golf courses in great shape apply multiple fertilizers, improve aeration, keep the grass mowed, and keep the paths in excellent shape. In this article, we will go over some valuable tips for landscaping so your golf course will look healthy and beautiful for golfers.

How Do Golf Courses Maintain Green Grass?

With professional maintenance, golf courses stay healthy and green all the time. A golf course will be lush green thanks to excellent irrigation. Advanced systems installed on the golf courses guarantee good moisture for superior growth, These irrigation systems and good fertilizers will prevent the grass from drying and dying.

The professional caretakers working on golf courses analyze the condition of the soil and grass to apply needed nutrients to bolster the lush green color and superior growth. Professional mowers cut the grass at the required height so the grass will grow thicker and evenly. Thanks to professional practices, the surrounding area provides golfers with a thick, green surface to play on.

Mowing grass at golf course

Mowing Golf Course

Installation Of The Irrigation System

Golf courses must maintain healthy turf by preventing it from drying out. In general, golf courses have different areas with various levels of shade and exposure to the sun,. Therefore, it's critical to install irrigation systems. Because irrigation systems keep nutrients in place within the soil, the grass will continue to grow and improve photosynthesis, alleviate effects caused by cold weather, and strengthen the stamina of the grass.

Caring For The Grass

Caring for the grass takes experience and dedication. Having a good mowing schedule is important for healthy grass but the schedule might have to change depending on the season and climate. High-quality fertilizer must be applied regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Also, frequent irrigation is very important, especially during dry seasons and dry spells. Prevent damage caused by pests by using fungicides but speak with a turf specialist before proceeding. A well-cared-for golf course will be a pleasing sight for golfers as well as visitors.

Controlling Weeds On Golf Courses

Weed control is a critical part of maintaining the landscaping as well as the playing environment. Doing so, will keep down the high costs for weed removal and help extend the life of the turf. Good fertilization along with effective weed control will offer healthy turf and spotless fairways. Weeds out of control will spoil the look of the golf course and become a disappointment for players. Golf courses must be checked regularly for weeds and quickly removed before they start spreading.

Some weeds that are located on golf courses include:

• Crabgrass
• Dovegrass
• Goosegrass

What Do Caretakers Use To Kill Weeds On Golf Courses?

Golf courses are treated with herbicides, pesticides, and other products to keep weeds down and prevent the spread of seeds to improve the health of the grass. Keep in mind, it's quite important to carefully choose and apply herbicides to prevent negative impacts on the surrounding area as well as the safety of wildlife.

Most of the products used on golf courses contain trifluralin, oryzalin, or bensulide to kill weeds. Other products contain simazine to stop most weeds from germinating and increase the golf course's weed control practices.

Open Fairway

Golf Fairway

Note: Trifluralin is a herbicide applied to soil to fight annual grass and weeds. Oryzalin is a herbicide that blocks the growth of plant cells. Bensulide is an organophosphate compound used as a herbicide.

Getting Rid Of Crabgrass

Caretakers on golf courses will see crabgrass growing during the summer months. Crabgrass \creates long-lasting seeds that are in the soil. There are products on the market that will reduce the growth of crabgrass such as Acclaim Extra, just make sure you follow the directions carefully.

Watering Grass at Golf Course

Sprinkler Watering Grass

Getting Rid Of Goosegrass

This weed grows very quickly during the summer and thrives in compacted soil but can be very difficult to get rid of. Regular goosegrass is short, it can be overlooked by caretakers and landscapers. Consider using Pylex which contains a high level of topramezone to stop the growth of weeds.

Note: This product can prevent germination and possibly prevent weeds from growing.

Getting Rid Of Dovegrass

This weed grows in warmer climates and easily spreads through the seeds Dovegrass is long-lasting and able to withstand colder temperatures. This weed does not require high levels of sunlight During the winter months it will continue to grow

How Much Time Is Required To Control Weeds?

The amount of time will depend on the kind of weed you are trying to get rid of and the product being used. It normally takes between a few days to a few weeks before the weeds start dying off. In some situations, you might have to apply several applications. The product will slowly enter the roots of the weeds and then decrease germination, the effectiveness of the roots will decrease, and the golf course will have a great look.

Make sure to use a product that will enter the root system. Also, do not use these products if you have plants located near the weeds. That said, the caretakers can keep other plants that are located on the golf course.

Keeping The Golf Course Green

Keeping up a golf course takes different routines that must be performed regularly. The routines include mowing and fertilizing, watering, aeration, pest control, overseeding, and monitoring the golf course is essential.

Mowing regularly will keep the grounds healthy and attractive. Irrigation should be done early in the morning or late evening to prevent evaporation. The amount of water will depend on the type of grass and the weather conditions. Fertilizing gives the grass the needed nutrients to thrive while aeration creates small holes to allow water, air, and nutrients to pass through to the roots.

Pest control should be performed regularly to prevent damage and overseeding will fill empty spots. You can limit golf course traffic by rotating pin placements. By controlling the number of players and carts, you can prevent damage to the grass. Following good advice will give you a healthy and attractive green golf course.

Golf Ball on Tee

Golf Ball on Tee at Golf Course

Maintaining And Improving A Golf Course Using Aerators

Usually, the company running the golf course should aerate the golf course two or three times a year. Aeration will improve the ability of most fertilizers while adding moisture to the soil and increasing the flexibility of the grass. When landscapers aerate the golf course, they will create small holes to help water permeate the soil. The holes will help the soil absorb many kinds of nutrients while aeration can reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the soil. Once the grass absorbs the needed nutrients, it will grow very fast.

Digging Trench for Irrigation

Installing Sprinklers at Golf Course

In Conclusion

If you play golf or have visited a golf course holding a tournament, you've probably marveled at its beauty. Maybe you've asked why you can't get your lawn looking this incredible. Although we have gone over several things you need to do for a greener, healthy lawn, you should contact a landscape service or someone knowledgeable about caring for your lawn.

Regularly apply herbicides to keep down weeds and allow your grass to prosper but make sure to carefully follow the manufacturer's directions, after all, you are dealing with chemicals. Keep in mind, mowing regularly is an important part for keeping your grass healthy and thriving. Make sure you add nutrients for healthy growth and enriched the soil. Be sure watering is on schedule or you might be rudely disappointed when your grass dries up and dies. To improve your maintenance skills, reach out to your local home improvement or gardening providers such as The Home Depot to learn everything you can to support your lawn's growth. You might not be able to match the manicure performed on a golf course, but you will have a lawn with an incredible curb appeal.