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Permaloc Aluminum Edging

Permaloc is an aluminum edging system that is used for landscape beds, aggregate walkways, hardscaping, asphalt driveways, permeable pavement, sports/play surfacing, and green roofing applications. Permaloc edging enables a uniform separation between ground surface materials and comes in varying heights, widths, and finish options.

Below you'll find a list of our full product line along with the most common applications and product recommendations. 

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Permaloc CleanLine Edging

Permaloc CleanLine Edging

Permaloc CleanLine XL Edging

Permaloc CleanLine XL Edging

Permaloc AthletEdge Edging

Permaloc AthletEdge Edging

Permaloc Asphalt Edging

Permaloc Asphalt Edging

Permaloc ProLine Edging

Permaloc ProLine Edging

Permaloc CleanLine / ProLine Accessories

Permaloc CleanLine / ProLine Accessories

Permaloc ProSlide Edging

Permaloc ProSlide Edging

Permaloc ProSlide LT Edging

Permaloc ProSlide LT Edging

Permaloc CleanLine XL Accessories

Permaloc CleanLine XL Accessories

Permaloc GeoEdge Accessories

Permaloc GeoEdge Accessories

Permaloc PermaStrip Edging

Permaloc PermaStrip Edging

Permaloc GeoEdge Edging

Permaloc GeoEdge Edging

Permaloc Hardscape Accessories

Permaloc Hardscape Accessories

Permaloc ProSlide LT Accessories

Permaloc ProSlide LT Accessories

Permaloc StructurEdge Edging

Permaloc StructurEdge Edging

PermaStrip Accessories

PermaStrip Accessories

Permaloc BrickBlock

Permaloc BrickBlock

Complete Product List


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Common Applications

Landscape Beds

Create crisp lines and smooth curves with Permaloc’s aluminum landscaping bed edging. Landscape edging is very popular for landscape beds and can be used to separate turf from planting soil, stone, recyclable glass, mulch or other materials of choice.

products ideal for Landscape Beds:

  • Cleanline
  • Cleanline XL
  • Proline
  • Proslide
  • Proslide LT
  • Profile

Fencing & Aggregate Walkways

Projects for aggregate walkways can be easily created and maintained with Aluminum edging. Aggregate walkways are usually winding paths that are filled with decomposed granite, pea gravel, or another form of aggregate. They may or may not have a compacted sub-base

products ideal for Aggregate Walkways:

  • Permastrip
  • Asphaltedge
  • Cleanline XL

Brick Pavers

Are used for patios, walkways, or driveways to stay intact for a longer period of time using paver restraints.

Using brick pavers for patios, walkways, or driveways require a paver restraint. In order to keep the pavers in place for the life of the project, the restrains are required to edge the pavers.

The following are designed Brick Paver applications: 

  • Structure Edge
  • Brick Block
  • Asphalt Edge

Asphalt Surfaces

For creating a beautiful 90° edge for your next asphalt driveway edging project the following solutions. For many years, contractors have struggled with rough edges on asphalt surfaces making this option a last resort. Broken edges and applying chemical maintenance on surrounding grass have left an unsightly finish that detracts from the project’s appearance.

AsphaltEdge provides a clean manageable look that has made asphalt a chosen product for a long-lasting design for outdoor surfaces. 

  • AsphaltEdge
  • AthletEdge

Permeable Pavement

 Permeable pavement is designed for letting rainwater drain downward between interlocking concrete pavers which will reduce excessive storm water runoff. Runoff alleviation and freshwater management are significant environmental target points.

PL's permeable pavement system uses special plates to capture the geogrid underlayment used to merge GeoEdge into the paver installation to provide insulation against sound, moisture, and heat.

This combination of the restraint/capture plate system works in harmony with the pavement installation. Eliminates the use of expensive poured concrete curbs that often move independently from the paver installation and are often damaged.

Reduces the time and expense while offering the most secure permeable restraint system available to date. There is no need for compacted perimeter base material that is needed by other restraint systems. Permeable applications can help achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design status or LEED

Lines ideal for Permeable Pavement:

  • BrickBlock
  • GeoEdge
  • AsphaltEdge

Green Roof 

Permaloc edging offers a finished edge for both the building’s structure as well as a beautiful look to your next green roof project.

A green roof is construed with either partial or totally covered top with vegetation and soil or using the growing medium that’s planted over a waterproofing membrane.

Green roofs are sustainable environmentally friendly benefits that will help a building achieve LEED status.

Use the following for your next Green Roof projects: 

  • GeoEdge
  • CleanLine XL

Overview of the Permaloc Product Lines

What is CleanLine?

Permaloc CleanLine Aluminum Edging installed with stakes

CleanLine (CL) is designed for professional landscaping. It’s a commercial-grade aluminum landscape edging that is perfect for your projects. It’s engineered for maximum sustainability by withstanding professional lawn care and high volume pedestrian traffic. It offers exceptional flexibility while allowing you to create graceful curves and angles.

Engineered to allow for easy installation CL will give you a beautiful clean edge for your landscaping needs. This product has a patented connection system that snaps into an interlocking edging section without the use of stakes. It eliminates horizontal separation or weak joints and does not need stakes.

Additionally it offers heavy-duty 12-inch interlocking aluminum stakes that will securely anchor it into the ground for long-lasting retention and ensuring that your design will last the test of time.

CL has qualified for LEED points. 

ClineLine XL is the solution for Heavy Duty applications.

What is ProLine?

ProLine is a line of light commercial-grade aluminum landscape edging. It’s designed for easy installation and will give you a beautiful clean edge for your landscape projects. It provides exceptional flexibility for curves and angles that are already created. You will quickly discover that you can achieve accurate, beautiful results with little to no effort on your part.

Designed for sustainability and offering long-term durability by withstanding the demands of residential and light commercial landscaping.

ProLine is a patented connection system that snaps into place for interlocking to adjacent edging sections, not needing horizontal separation or causing any weak points. This product includes heavy-duty 12-inch interlocking aluminum stakes that will securely anchor it to the ground while offering long-term durability and easy installation.

This line has qualified for LEED points. 

Permaloc Proline aluminum edging installed with stakes

What is ProSlide?

Permaloc ProSlide Edging Installed with Stakes

ProSlide is a line of professional-grade aluminum landscape edging that works perfectly in professional landscaping requirements. The sections telescope together by using channels along the top and bottom of the edges.

This product offers a fast and easy installation process. and guarantees long-lasting performance.

The connection does not require stakes for placement along the length of the edging section. ProSlide is durable aluminum which is an ideal material for landscaping. Aluminum is not only lightweight and long-lasting but strong enough to meet your requirements for a professional landscape.

ProSlide is designed for effortless installation and offers a beautiful clean look to any landscape.

ProSlide is a symmetrical sliding system that is flexible, easy to install, and does not require stakes for the connection.

The heavy-duty 12-inch stakes firmly anchor it into the ground, providing long-lasting retention and will definitely stand up to the test of time.

ProSlide has qualified for LEED points. 

What is GeoEdge?

GeoEdge is a durable aluminum edge restraint that is flexible, multi-height, and component system for green environments including landscaping roof systems and permeable pavement applications. The GeoEdge system is available in different heights with an option for a durable wall or a slotted wall for water runoff.

GeoEdge offers available components and accessories for your projects.

GeoEdge is used for green roof functions, to keep green roof planting materials in place, and for implementing stones, pavers, and tiles for rooftop walkways.

Permaloc’s GeoEdge has shown time and time again to be successful for Intensive and Extensive green roofs.

This is a lightweight, flexible product that offers a very finished look and ensures easy installation, making it a great alternative to poured concrete in absorbent applications.

GeoEdge is made from recycled aluminum material and is 100% recyclable.

Permaloc GeoEdge on a rooftop garden

What is BrickBlock?

Permaloc BrickBlock installation diagram

BrickBlock is a cost-effective aluminum paving restraint system that is specifically designed for permanent, reversible edging that is very easy to install and will always out-perform plastic, PVC, and steel systems.

This product offers two options which will allow one part to be used for straight and curved applications. Its low profile supports healthy turf growth and allows irrigation heads to be laid along the paver’s edge.

BrickBlock comes with a patented QuickClip™ connection system that permits pieces to connect together without any effort. All you need to do is butt two ends together and slide the clip over the top to ensure the joint pieces are firmly in place.

The perfectly designed Accutrac™ Base System is deliberately stiff for creating clean straight sequences while also forming smooth curves by simply cutting the bridge support.

The V-Trac™ Base System offers a notched base that will let you form a smooth curve without any cutting.

BrickBlock easily creates curves, angles, and will give you a wide range of installation flexibility. 

What is AthletEdge?

This is a superior product with excellent flexibility, with an L-shaped aluminum athletic surface restraint that is intentionally created for running and jogging tracks as well as for basketball and tennis courts and other surfaces along these lines.

AthletEdge’s superior installation features work in total harmony with all athletic surfaces allowing for water drainage and clean supportable edges.

Designed to extend the life of your athletic surfaces by preventing broken edges and offers an excellent finished look along the sport surface borders.

Permaloc’s AthletEdge product is designed to be installed and will perform as an integral restraint system for asphalt athletic surfaces.

AthletEdge is engineered for athletic surfaces, over aggregate, poured-in-place athletic surfaces, and over concrete for municipal, commercial, and residential applications. 

Permaloc AthletEdge on a running track

What is StructurEdge?

Permaloc StructurEdge installed on a brick entryway

StructurEdge a permanent aluminum paving restraint system designed to perform better than plastic as well as PVC and steel systems.

StructurEdge conforms to curves, angles, and straight lines for greater flexibility.

You will discover that StructurEdge is very versatile to be installed under pavers or away from the pavers. Also, each section is capable of creating straight or curved applications.

This product offers interlocking sliding connectors that will reduce the possibility of any weak sections. It offers a tight-fitting L-shaped design that supports healthy turf and works with irrigation heads, unlike heavier, bulky triangular restraints.

StructurEdge will form curves, angles, and promote wide installation flexibility. 

What is PermaStrip?

PermaStrip is made up of from L-shaped aluminum maintenance strips for creating curved lines and straight lines to run along buildings, fences, and various maintenance localities. PermaStrip is very easy to install to make straight applications or curves. It’s designed to control its design over the entire life of the project.

It’s designed to use in landscaping for aggregate retention, separation, applications for raised beds, or other purposes that required excellent durability or added depth.

The XLR adapter will let you secure, provide attractive connections of other sections as well as provide flexibility or for staking purposes.

It offers heavy-duty 18-inch interlocking aluminum stakes that will securely anchor into the ground. You will have long-lasting retention and its design will stand up for many years to come. 

Permaloc PermaStrip Residential Installation

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