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Parking Mat for Grass


When parking vehicles on wet grass, tires can cause wear marks and rutting. The parking mat for grass areas helps to distribute the weight of the vehicle over a larger area. This effectively reduces the focused downward pressure on the lawn. The end result either greatly reduces or eliminates rutting leaving the grass area much more aesthetically pleasing.

Our mesh is available in a number of different grades. The standard grade is most appropriate for overflow parking areas, the medium for more frequently used areas and the heavy for regular use parking situations.

The material is shipped in roll form which allows for easy transit and door to door delivery.

The three mesh options are Standard Grade, Medium Grade, and Heavy Grade. The added benefit to the Heavy Grade is that it is ADA Compliant.

The Standard Grade is constructed from HDPE plastic, and the Medium and Heavy Grade are HDPE with EVA which provides added traction and grip capabilities.

  • Standard Grade is an designed for occasional personal vehicle overflow parking areas.
  • Medium Grade is ideal for semi-frequent parking.

  • Heavy Grade can be used for areas where cars are frequently parked including including RV parking areas.

Why Buy Tenax Grass Protection Mesh?
Tenax mesh has been installed on thousands of installations throughout the world for over a decade. The mesh is designed for long term use and is constructed with a high standard of quality control. When you buy Tenax you are buying professional-grade mesh, not "economy-grade" mesh.

Product Information

  • Model: Grass Protection Mesh - Various Grade Options
  • Size: Various
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  • Volume Pricing on Orders $6,500+
  • Questions? Call (800) 621-5381

Product Features

  • Helps protect grass areas for turf damage
  • Easy to install
  • Permeable
Turf Staples - 500 Count
Turf Staples - 500 Count

Turf Staples - 500 Count



  • Ships Free (standard ground, see map)

Shipping estimates shown on the map pertain to this specific product only. Orders typically ship within 1-5 business days if your order is placed before 12:00 noon EST. Transit times displayed in the map are listed in business days, and are approximate. The day that the order is shipped is not counted as a transit day.

Grass Protection Mesh Rolled Out

Grass Protection Mesh Installation

A Motor Racing Circuit Used Tenax TR Mesh

The Challenge

The Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit is home to many car and motorbike events throughout the entire year and the British Grand Prix events. Days before the Grand Prix, severe weather caused heavy rainfall in the area which led to problems parking vehicles in the designated areas. In turn, there were long delays in parking let alone other vehicles trying to leave the site.


Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh is extruded and UV-stabilized polymer grid that was used to reinforce the grassy parking areas for the 2001 British Gran Prix following a trail used in the previous Autumn.  10 acres of mesh were installed during May and June and by the time of the race in July, the grass had grown through the mesh offering a stable surface for cars to safely park.

The Solution

Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh was rolled out and held in place with metal Fixing U-Pins. The grass was able to grow through the mesh and within a few weeks, the grass was interlocked with the mesh creating a unique grid for a stable surface and preventing rutting and damage. In a short period of time, the area regained its natural green look and could be continually mowed without any effect on the grid's performance. While other products were taken into consideration, Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh was the most efficient and cost-saving solution to correct the overall problem.

Other Uses

Other uses of Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh included golf course pathways, recreational areas, caravan parks, grassed access routes, other recreational areas, light aircraft parking, heavily traveled pedestrian walkways, along with urban and parkland areas.

Note: We also offer heavy duty landscape edging which can be used as a border to prevent parking outside of the parking mat grass area.

The Gervasi Vineyard

The responsibility of Gervasi Vineyard is to offer a total vineyard experience.  Gervasi presents a wonderful experience for local wine lovers, tourists, families, and businesses to enjoy the few and far-between places that capture beauty, comfort, tradition, and a love of good wine and fine food. This vineyard is created for adults looking for an affordable, romantic, and refreshing dining experience in the evening. Families on the weekend will enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors, great food, and fun. For the business community, they offer a fabulous environment for meetings.

Car Parking on Parking Mat for Grass

Car Parking on Grass Parking Mat

Car Parking Mat Mesh Rolled Out

Parking Mat for Grass for Event

Tenax Turf Reinforcement

TR or Tenax Turf Reinforcement is a green polyethylene extruded mesh used to reinforce grassy areas where vehicles and where pedestrians pass through. This product is UV stabilized, very affordable, and easy to install.  It helps in reducing stormwater runoff which is very common with traditional asphalt and concrete. Once installed, TR provided a very stable surface that is suitable for supporting cars, lightweight trucks, and pedestrians.  It protects against ruts caused by vehicles and will help reinforce the root system.  For the best results, it's installed in the spring.

Location Issues

Gervasi Vineyards wanted more parking but did not want to add more blacktop to the grounds. They experience a lot of traffic for parking, especially during weddings, and decided on a grassy field that unfortunately was a mess due to vehicle damage to the turf along with bad weather forcing customers to walk in mud.

The Solution

Once the vineyard found out about Tenax Turf Reinforcement, they purchased 24 rolls from their local distributor. Their staff was able to effectively install the rolls using very few tools.


The final result, Gervasi Vineyard was able to save 16,080 square feet or just over 1/3 of an acre for permanent overflow parking in their location.

Race Car Event

Race Car Event