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Gravel Stabilizer Grid


Color: Black

The Gravel Stabilizer Grids are made from 100% recycled plastic. Each roll measures 3.97’ x 149’ with hexagonal cells which are 2 ¼” across and 1” tall. This smaller cell provided by these grids allow for a very manageable stone size for infill using angular stones. The stones should be clean, washed, and uniform in size between 3/16" and 3/8". By using a smaller stone, your finished product will have a tidy look with plenty of strength to both walk and drive on. The Gravel Stabilizer Grids are also ADA compliant.

The Gravel Stabilizer Grids are available in four colors; black, grey, tan and red. They are also effective in reducing erosion and can be installed on up to a 10% grade.

Stakes are included with each roll.

Size: 4' x 150' (3.87' x 149')

Square Footage Per Roll: 577

Material Thickness: 1"

Stakes Included