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Outdoor HDPE Sheet


SKU LV-18-30-100

Our Outdoor HDPE Sheet is a thick plastic long rolled product that can be used in various commercial and residential applications. These high density polyethelyne rolls have benefits including being waterproof, UV resistant, and mildew and rotting resistant, which makes that ideal for using in outdoor applications.

The sheet thicknesses range in thicknesses from 30 mil to 100 mil. A "mil" is a thousandth of an inch. The Outdoor HDPE Sheets are very durable and are puncture resistant. The plastic is smooth and easy to clean with a garden hose or pressure washer.

This product is American made and has an estimated in-ground lifespan of around 100 years (when not in direct sunlight). It is made to withstand both hot and cold temperature that it will face when used outside.


*The widest HDPE roll that we offer is currently 5’ (60 inches).

Please note that we are unable to provide custom roll lengths.

Plastic Sheeting

  • Material: High Density Polyethylene
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Size: Various
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Product Features

  • Waterproof
  • Commercial Grade
  • UV Resistant
  • Will Not Rot or Mildew
  • Non-Biodegradable
  • Non-Resistant to Rodent and Insect Damage
  • 100 Year Material Lifespan
  • Made in the USA

Connecting HDPE Pieces

There are two ways to connect multiple pieces of HDPE together. One method is to overlap the HDPE and use our double sided seam tape to connect the two pieces. The other method is to butt the ends together and use our 17 mil single sided seam tape to create a solid connection.


Overlap Method
(for underground installations)

The overlap method is best used when connecting two pieces of HDPE in a buried application. Due to the overlap, a ridge is exposed which is not ideal when installed in exposed vertical or flat installations in high traffic areas as there is a possibility of an object catching on the ridge and pulling the two pieces apart.

In a below ground installation, the large overlap area provides a more water resistant connection as well as enhanced protection against tree and plant root intrusion.

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End to End Method
(for exposed installations)

When installing HDPE on a wall, floor or anywhere that is exposed, the end to end method provides a secure connection and does not leave any ridges exposed to potential catching by a person or object.

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Thickness comparison

The below is a thickness comparison of the material. HDPE plastic thickness is measured in "mils" which is "thousands of an inch".

HDPE Barrier Tape - Moisture Resistant
HDPE Barrier Tape - Moisture Resistant
HDPE Barrier Tape - Moisture Resistant
HDPE Barrier Tape - Moisture Resistant
HDPE Barrier Tape - Moisture Resistant
HDPE Barrier Tape - Moisture Resistant

HDPE Barrier Tape - Moisture Resistant


Why HDPE Has Become The No. 1 Choice In Plastic

HDPE or high-density polyethylene has become the number one choice in thermoplastic due to its excellent properties including resistance to chemicals, ability to withstand outdoor elements, and is easily recyclable. While HDPE is a member of the polyethylene family, its molecular density is greater than other plastics. In this article, we will discuss its many advantages and why it's a chosen source for many industrial uses as well as for products used in homes.

The Advantages That Come With HDPE

HDPE is an excellent material for manufacturing storage containers used for liquids, chemicals, and food with varying pH levels. Its properties are also known for resisting corrosion. HDPE will remain safe and effective when in contact with chemicals making it the best choice, especially in the industrial sector.

Outdoor play equipment

HDPE Playground Equipment

Long-Lasting And Lightweight

HDPE's density ranges from 941 kg/m3 to 965 kg/m3 depending on its composition. Even though aluminum is an extremely light material, it's still 2.8 times heavier than HDPE. Where applications requiring lightweight is important, the weight of high-density polyethylene is critical, Across the board, HDPE has a clear advantage.

Resistance To UV

UV resistance plays an important part in the excellent service life of parts and components used outside such as playground equipment made of HDPE. This plastic contains a UV stabilizer along with its resin.

Can Be Easily Welded & Machined

Welded or machined HDPE products for long-lasting, strong products for larger items such as watertight tank liners capable of holding volumes of liquid.

Will Not Absorb Moisture

Because HDPE will not absorb moisture, this is the best product for liquid and food storage as well as for products created for outdoor use even when in contact with liquids for a long period of time.

For Medical and Pharmaceutical Purposes

HDPE is used for medical products because it will not absorb moisture and is resistant to chemicals. Nontoxic and food grade, HDPE is perfect for working surfaces or storage units including medical containers. This product contains plastic additives and antibacterial properties.


Due to its high resistance to chemicals and welded products, its the chosen material for creating bottles, containers, tanks used for chemical products, and corrosion-resistant liners.

HDPE is compatible with other products such as

• Several concentrated acids (pH 1–3)
• Certain Alcohols
• Low concentrations of Acids (pH 1–3)
• Bases and alkali (pH 11–14)

Interior of Boat

Personal Boat Interior

In Construction

Because HDPE does not absorb water and is easily welded, it's a favorite among pipe manufacturers. Some of HDPE's properties make this product the best choice for creating rigid, lightweight piping systems.

For Maritime Use

HDPE is a popular choice in the maritime industry. Seaboard™ is a creation of HDPE for boat components and various pool equipment including doors, handles, benches, and seats thanks to its UV resistance.

Some Limitations Found In HDPE

HDPE is not a good choice for applications involving high levels of mechanical friction or stress, compression, or impacts. UHMW is a better choice for these purposes. You might want to consider nylon for its mechanical properties and it's known for its superior compressive strength.


HDPE is not a good choice for applications dealing with high heat. It can only handle continuous temperatures up to 180 °F (82.2°C). There are some specialized polymers that are perfect for heat resistance such as - PTFE, PVDF, PEI, and PAI.

HDPE has become the leading product for many industries including construction, piping, and chemical. It offers long-lasting components that will stand up to time as well as many elements and conditions for added longevity. It's safe, dependable, recyclable, and easy to clean. Also, HDPE plastic products are found in many households. Homeowners are always on the lookout for recyclable materials that will not end up in landfills. HDPE seems to be at the front of the line for many reasons.