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Overflow Parking Mesh - ADA Compliant


SKU LV-1A090471
Overflow parking mesh is used to protect a grassy area from damage from occasional vehicle parking. This mesh is shipped in a long roll which makes installation easier than some other products. It is lightweight, can be installed directly over existing grass. The webbed design allows for grass to grow through the mesh. Over time the grass's root system with cover the mesh and conceal the structure (if property cared for and watered). This product is ADA compliant, and can be used for areas where cars are frequently parked including including RV parking areas.

    Why Buy Tenax Grass Protection Mesh?

    Tenax mesh has been installed on thousands of installations throughout the world for over a decade. The mesh is designed for long term use and is constructed with a high standard of quality control. When you buy Tenax you are buying professional-grade mesh, not "economy-grade" mesh.

    Product Information

    • Model: Grass Protection Mesh - Heavy Grade
    • Size: 6.7' x 66'
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    • Volume Pricing on Orders $6,500+
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    Product Features

    • Helps protect grass areas for turf damage
    • Easy to install
    • Permeable
    Turf Staples - 500 Count
    Turf Staples - 500 Count

    Turf Staples - 500 Count



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    Product Downloads

    The Installation of Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh At Chester Zoo in England

    Grass Protection Mesh Installation

    Installing Overflow Parking Mesh

    The Challenge

    Chester Zoo in North England is a major attraction but the car park could no longer accommodate all the cars coming in so additional parking became mandatory.

    The Solution

    For additional parking, the North England Zoological Society decided to include a 3.7-acre field adjacent to the Zoo for additional parking. However, taking into consideration the amount of traffic that would park there, the grassy area would require the installation of drainage and reinforcement mesh.


    After the grading of the area and installation of fin drains, also called French drains,  Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh was then laid in 12 ft wide roadways down the length of the field. Cars could drive along the roadways and then park in the designated areas.

    Only a few weeks later, the grass grew through the mesh with roots interlocking with the filaments. This offered a stable surface preventing any damage to the roots of the grass caused by heavy traffic.

    Even though other products had been considered, because of its simple and easy installation, the consultants decided Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh was the best choice. They also saved a great deal of money to solve the problem.

    Other uses For This Mesh

    Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh has also been used in RV parks, golf course pathways, recreational areas, grassy access routes, parking for light aircraft parking, lawns used by heavy pedestrian traffic, and grass borders in urban and parkland areas.

    Note: We also offer heavy duty landscape edging which can be used as a border to prevent parking outside of the parking mesh protected area.

    Rolls of Overflow Parking Mesh

    Rolls of Grass Protection Plastic In Field

    Grass Protection Mesh Under Car

    Parking Mesh Protecting Grass From Car Weight

    The Temporary Use of Tenax Turf Reinforcement At Mountain Branch Golf Course's Baltimore Golf Classic Tournament

    The Problem

    The Mountain Branch Golf Course is an ambitious 18-hole public course that has rolling greens and split fairways, along with mounds, bunkers, rock outcroppings, and rambling streams.

    This golf course is one of Maryland's most popular golf outings, for special events, and even weddings.  One of the most attended events is the Baltimore Golf Classic. Anticipating large crowds, the Grounds Superintendent selected certain grassy areas to be used for parking while protecting the grass and its aesthetic look.

    The Solution

    Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh was placed over the grassy areas to be used for extra parking. Also, the mesh was used as flooring under the event tents which would be used for tables, music equipment, and displays. Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh was also used as a secured foundation under the tents for heavy pedestrian traffic.


    Even though it's recommended to install Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh early enough to allow grass to grow through the mesh, it would be fine for an immediate, quick fix.

    As with many other applications,  Tenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh was a cost-saving, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing application to meet the Grounds Superintendent's expectations.  After the event was over, the mesh was easily removed and stored for future events.