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Permaloc PermaStrip Accessories

Making Corners with PermaStrip

PermaStrip corners are not a part from the manufacturer as they are formed in the field with relative ease. Please see the attached photos for what corners would look like and instructions below:

Permastrip corner - inside

Inside of PermaStrip Corner


1) Measure on the part to where the corner will be located.

2) Using a hack saw or angle grinder, make a “V” in the small 1” base if there is not already one where measured.
    * If bending away from base, you can just create a slot
   * If bending toward the base, the “V” notch may need to be widened

3) Using the cutting device, make a relief cut up from the base about 1” or so. The more of a relief cut, the easier to bend, but also the higher the chance it could break.

4) - Lay flat on the ground, put weight on the part, bend up towards yourself until the desired angle is created.

PermaStrip Corner - Above

Above PermaStrip Corner

PermaStrip Corner - Outside

Outside of PermaStrip Corner

5) You may need to bend beyond desired angle to have to spring back and stay at the desired angle