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Gravel Retention Grid


Color: Black
The Gravel Retention Grid is made from 100% recycled plastic in the United States. Each roll is 3.97' by 149' in size and have ultra-strong fused hexagonal cells that offer higher strength and long-term stability as compared to pavers, which rely on linked circles or squares for strength. Because the cells on the Gravel Retention Grid are smaller, you may fill them with smaller angular decomposed granite stones. The stones should be angular in shape and be between 3/16" and 3/8" in size.  Each cell is 1" tall and 2¼” wide.

They have an empty compression strength of 57,888psf which exceeds the competition. It also can help with erosion control on slops up to 10% grade with vehicle traffic. The grid also complies with ADA guidelines.

They are available in black, grey, red, and tan.

Each roll also comes with stakes.

Size: 4' x 150' (3.87' x 149')

Square Footage Per Roll: 577

Material Thickness: 1"

Stakes Included