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Honeycomb Gravel Stabilizer


Color: Black

Honeycomb Gravel Stabilizer grids are made entirely of recycled plastic. Each roll is 3.97' x 149' and has hexagonal cells that are 2 14" across and 1" tall. These grids' smaller cells allow for a more manageable stone size for infill using angular stones. The stones must be clean, washed, and uniform in size, ranging from 3/16" to 3/8". Colors available are black, grey, tan, and red. They are also effective at reducing erosion and can be installed on slopes of up to 10%.

Stakes are included using a smaller stone, your finished product will have a neat appearance as well as plenty of strength to walk and drive on. The Grids are ADA compliant as well.
They are available in four different colors, black, grey, tan and red.

Size: 4' x 150' (3.87' x 149')

Square Footage Per Roll: 577

Material Thickness: 1"

Stakes Included