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Permaloc Asphalt Edging 30400 - 8' x 4” x 3” Mill Finish - 88LF per Carton


SKU 30400

AsphaltEdge® is a line of flexible, L-shaped aluminum asphalt restraints. One of the biggest drawbacks of asphalt compared to concrete and brick is an inconsistent edge. With Permaloc Asphalt Edging, you get a strong, uniform 90-degree edge. It installs quickly and easily, making your work stand out and providing a “finished look” - an excellent compliment to any asphalt installation.

Dimensions: 4″ x 3″ (101.6mm x 76.2mm)

For asphalt applications.

Product Specifications

Length per section: 8'  

Connectors are included  

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Sizes & Finishes

  • Engineered to extend the life of asphalt pavement by helping to prevent broken edges, provide uniform thickness throughout the pavement surface, and provide a finished, maintainable look along the asphalt border.
  • Permaloc’s patented AsphaltEdge is the only product specifically designed to perform as an integral restraint system for asphalt.
  • Details: Available in 1” x 2 1/4” (Wall Height x Base), 11/2” x 21/4”, 2” x 21/4”, 21/2” x 2 1/4”, 3” x 3”, 4” x 3”, and 5” x 3”
  • Material: 6005 Aluminum Alloy

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 Additional AsphaltEdge Sizes

Permaloc Asphalt Edge Made of Aluminum

Asphalt Edging Can be Used for Driveways

Asphalt Edging for Driveways

If you are getting ready to construct and new driveway or replace the old one, there are some options you can use to add durability and an incredible look to the project.

The edges of a typical asphalt driveway are completed with a tamped-down angle in the paving. In most cases, this would be enough but the edges of the driveway will be susceptible to damage.  If you use a special driveway edging you can reduce the possibility of edge breakdown over time.

    There are certain reasons why homeowners choose to edge their asphalt driveway, including:

  • Create a full and consistent thickness of material up to the very edge of the pavement.
  • Prevent broken edges and offer a finished and more attractive look along the edge of the driveway.
  • Will stop grass from thriving on the asphalt.
  • Have better asphalt compaction at the driveway edges.
  • Provide a superior edge around your landscaping features.
  • Have good compaction of base layers in hard-to-reach areas including along fences, landscaping, and overhanging trees.

Permaloc AsphaltEdge Will Improve The Appearance & Durability Of Your Driveway

Permaloc is the world's leader in high-performance landscape edging and restraint systems. Permaloc created AsphaltEdge which is the first patented product specifically designed to act as an essential edge restraint system for asphalt driveways.

AsphaltEdge provides full and consistent material thickness right to the edge of the pavement. It is designed to prevent broken edges and will give you a finished and maintainable edge to your driveway. AsphaltEdge by Permaloc is made of strong, durable aluminum that is now available in an attractive silver or black color.

Tip: We also offer a Gravel paver roll that allow for a much more enjoyable walking surface than just laying gravel alone.

Aluminum Edging Between Grass and Driveway

AsphaltEdge Installed in Front Yard

Diagram Showing AsphaltEdge

Edging Diagram Between Grass and Driveway

Why Should I Use Asphalt Edging?

The weakest part of the driveway is the edge. The edge of most asphalt driveways is side tamped at a 45-degree angle to give it as much strength as is humanly possible.

Permaloc AsphaltEdge is an excellent edging product that will strengthen the edge by providing containment when using roller compactors on the driveway.  Also, the product provides a more uniform, straight edge, smoother curves, and a very polished look.

The upside of aluminum edging, it will not rust, rot, or crack and is perfect for Minnesota's rough climate. The cost of the edging is a bargain because it will extend the life of your new driveway.

Geotechnical Fabric Reinforcement

This is a relatively new approach to driveway construction. Just place the Geotechnical fabric under your driveway's sub-base and asphalt paving.  The fabric will help stabilize the sub-base and make your driveway more resistant to compaction caused by vehicles. Your driveway will remain smooth and even over time. This fabric is made of polypropylene, it's non-degradable, and will resist decay.

When installed properly, it will minimize cracking, sagging, and will keep your driveway looking fantastic over a longer period of time.