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Pro Aluminum Landscape Edging - 60350 - 8' x 1/8” x 4” Mill Finish - 112LF per Carton


SKU 60350

Our Pro Aluminum Landscape Edging is a professional grade landscape edging product made of aluminum. This edging product is ideal in professionally landscaped areas. The Proslide connections telescope together, providing a secure and simple installation process. This connection requires no stakes. It is a lightweight, durable, and sustainable edging product that can meet the demands needed of a professional landscape.

The Pro Aluminum Landscape Edging qualifies for LEED points and provides a clean edge for your residential or light commercial landscaped application..

Dimensions: 1/8″ x 4″ (3.2mm x 102mm)

Product Specifications

Length per section : 8'

Stakes included per section : 3

Number of sections per carton : 14

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Sizes & Finishes

  • ProSlide is available in 16′ and 8′ sections. 
  • Engineered to allow for effortless installation and creates a beautiful, clean edge in any landscape.
  • Symmetrical telescoping connection system is versatile, easy to install and eliminates the need for stakes at the connection.
  • Includes heavy-duty 12” interlocking aluminum stakes that securely anchor it into the ground, providing long-term retention.
  • Details: Available in 1/8” x 3” (Thickness x Wall Height), 1/8” x 4”, 1/8” x 5 1/2”, 3/16” x 4”, and 3/16” x 5 1/2”
  • Material: 6063 Aluminum Alloy

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 Additional ProSlide Edging Sizes

Professional Aluminum Edging in Yard

Aluminum Edging Lining Backyard

Professional Lawn & Garden Edging Options

Landscaping products can help you maintain your lawn quite easily. As you probably know, grass is aggressive and will take over when given the chance. Probably the only exceptions are dandelions and clover due to their fast-growing composition.

Edging will not keep your lawn weed-free but there are several treatments that will take care of that for you. You can create a barrier between your grass and other plants to make your yard look neater and more attractive.

Using landscape edging products will help your creativity form shapes and borders that will make your yard a lot more interesting. As long as your plants have room to grow, they can be close to each other.

Tip: We also offer a Gravel stabilizer grid that allow for a much more enjoyable walking surface than just laying gravel alone.

Plastic Landscape Edging

If cost is the most important factor in your edging decision try post-consumer plastic products of 100% recycled brown lawn edging coil that will offer a textured wood-grained appearance that blends perfectly with mulch, rocks, and soil. The edging is installed using stakes and blocks. This product will create a durable boundary and prevent grass from spreading.

Aluminum Landscape Edging

Aluminum or steel are great choices for areas that require straight lines or for landscapes that merit a clean, professional look. It will not fall to the elements causing rust, become brittle, or rust. You install it using stakes which can be molded into shapes and curves. This landscape edging comes in a variety of colors including green, brown, bronze, and black. It's a perfect solution for flower beds, tree rings, pathways, walkways, brick and stone patios, garden drip edges, and so much more.

Decorative lawn edging comes in a range of white plastic lattices to faux concrete paths that look like grey stone. Usually, this type of landscape edging is poured or installed by a professional and will be permanent. It does not offer as much flexibility if your design changes over time.

Tip: We also offer a grass parking mesh that is a great solution for light duty and occasional residential parking.

Brick To Stone Landscape Edging

Bricks, stones, and concrete blocks will of a really nice aesthetic look to your landscaping but they will not block the growth or cross-growth of grass or plants unless they are installed a few inches into the ground vs being laid or stacked on top of the ground. This particular edging is considered a design element as well as a physical barrier.  It can entail more labor than installing stakes but can provide a visually appealing look that can complement landscapes that are hardscape predominant.

Pro Aluminum Landscape Edging Along Grass

 Pro Aluminum Landscape Edging Along Grassy Area